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SPPBSQSUS Music Preservation Club

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Barbershop Chestnuts - The Society for Preservation and Propagation of Quartet Singing in the United States, has as one of its missions to preserve the type of songs known as Basbershop that our society was founded on. Rupert Hall and Owen C. Cash had as a vision to preserve the barbershop music style and to spread it across our nation and the world. The typical barbershop song was (1) easy to sing, (2) easy to harmonize with, and (3) told the emotions of the songs of that day.

SPPBSQSUS has as one of our major goals the reproduction of sheet music for these songs as well as learning tracks. Our volunteers have told us to expect 100+ songs this year. Sheet music is the easy part. Leaning tracks that are downloadable by anyone will be the challenge. Each set of leaning tracks costs $100 per song to produce.

Would you like to have your name on a sheet of barbershop music for perpetuity as a sponsor for learning tracks for that song? A one-time donation of $500 will secure your name to be associated forever with that song.

We are asking everyone who is willing to help us with this project to please donate - perhaps a song or two - or even to have your name placed on one of the Barbershop Chestnuts, to help us in this endeavor. Thank you!

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