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Barbershop Chestnuts

Click on this symbol beside a song to play or download the learning tracks.

How would you like your name on a Barbershop Chestnut sheet of music naming you as the donor for the music learning tracks?

Leaning tracks cost the Society about $100 for each song to produce.


For a one-time donation of $500, your name will be placed on the sheet music for eternity thanking you for your support for sponsoring the learning music tracks for that song.  Your fellow barbershoppers, current and future, will know your name for perpetuity


Or you can donate $100 for learning tracks for one song. 


Help us to make these available by donating for one voice track, two, or a whole song. 

Click here to go to our donation page to help us get started.

These songs are public domain. Arrangements have been made available for download and performance by SPPBSQSUS.  Our thanks to the many top arrangers that have contributed to the Chestnuts Program. 

Learning tracks are recorded by Jay Giallombardo and Jonah Levinson.

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