Frequently Asked Lodge Formation Questions

  • What is an SPPBSQSUS Lodge? - A Lodge is very similar to a Barbershop Chapter - a group of men who enjoy singing in the Barbershop style.

  • What are the membership requirements? - Each member of the Lodge MUST be a member of SPPBSQSUS.  The cost for membership is $50 for a lifetime membership.

  • How many does it take to form a lodge? - A Lodge requires a minimum of 12 men to form

  • What is the purpose of a Lodge? - To enjoy the friendship and camaraderie that we enjoyed when many of us first joined a Barbershop chorus.

  • How much does it cost? - At this time, there is no cost for Lodges.  However, the Society provides insurance for each member at a significant cost.  We will probably have to charge a Lodge a small annual amount to cover this benefit.

  • Why should we form a  SPPBSQSUS Lodge - what are the benefits? - The benefits are numerous.  A major advantage is the cost - $50 lifetime membership fee for members, a future small annual amount for Lodges.  No contests to prepare for all year, no district or national organization requirements or fees.  Just singing for fun, enjoyment, and fellowship - the original purpose that Rupert Hall and O.C.Cash intended.

  • What is the philosophy of SPPBSQSUS? - We are a preservation, fun organization created to facilitate men who enjoy singing 4 part harmony.  We will not have contests, we will not have an inflated administrative staff, we will not have a headquarters building - our goal is to keep it simple and enjoy the music.

  • Are we restricted in what we can sing? - Your group can sing anything that it wants.  But we encourage each Lodge to make their main repertoire Barbershop style harmony to keep this music style preserved.

  • How do we get started? - First, gather your group to see if they want to go this route.  On the next tab is a document 'How To Form a Lodge, print it out and have your core group read it - it is a complete step-by-step description of what you have to do and when.  Then go to our documents page and download all of the documents to give you a better idea of what we are about.  There is a 'LODGE BY-LAWS' template to get you started.